Leather cleaning & conditioning

The right leather cleaning process matters

There’s several types of leathers and finishes, no two should be treated and cared for exactly the same. Those “all-in-one” type cleaning products can actually create more harm than good. 

Our certified technicians are trained to recognize and care for all types of leather. They’ll use techniques and procedures that minimize problems before they arise, returning your leather furnishings to a clean, sanitary state.

conditioning extends the life
of your leather furniture

Your leather furniture is an investment. Have you ever seen leather that is cracking or discoloring? It’s probably because it was not regularly cleaned and conditioned with the proper methods or products. Leather is skin, it’s durable, but it needs regular maintenance.

Keep your leather looking and feeling great by having it professionally cleaned and conditioned.  Call today for an estimate 714-232-8650!

Your certified leather restoration experts

If you value your leather furnature, you don’t want just anyone practicing on it. Our qualified technicians are IICRC Certified from the Institute of  Inspection and have a  Cleaning and Restoration Certification. 

ready to start your restoration project?